Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ode to Stampin' Up!

I just wanted to say how proud I am of the company I have been a part of for close to 3 years.

Just lately my business has been really busy, I have a lot of orders, business and customer coming in, and I swear my UPS man has it out for me. Twice now, in the past couple weeks I have had boxes in the shape of an accordion delivered to my door. Stampin' Up! is awesome, I just call and tell them if anything was damaged and the send it out right away.

They are always super friendly, and empathic towards my situation. I am proud of a company that has a Co-founder, Shelli Gardner, that is as down to earth as possible. I met her in Salt Lake City a few years ago, walking to dinner with her husband Sterling. Countless times my upline has told me stories of Shelli and her staff. They are so nice. Makes you want to go to Utah and live in the land of Stampin' Up!

Speaking of my upline. I have to give a shout out to the most amazing uplines. You ladies are amazing! You always inspire me every month at our meetings, it's great getting all of us together for projects and business. Sharing ideas, techniques, I can't forget the swaps that we do every month!! I look so forward to them! I love the challenges that you give us, it has inspired myself and my downline to challenge each other, not only in our businesses but in our own lives too. Thanks!

So I just wanted to share just a small reason why, I love Stampin' Up! so much. I guess now is the time to tell you if you are interested in becoming a part of what I do. Ask me a lot of questions, I can answer them or get the answer for you.
Want to just ask and not be pressured into this?
Want to know how much I make?
Want to know what my requirements are as a demonstrator?
Want to go to a meeting to see what it's like?
Want to meet for coffee just to know what I do?
Want to know how I have the time?

Hopefully I have inspired you to love Stampin' Up! and know that not only are you working with top of the line product you are also buying from a company that I fully stand behind. And just maybe you are interested in become a part of our family.

Have an amazingly creative day.