Monday, December 24, 2007

Soup and Stamps night!

On Friday, January 4th, from 5pm until 9pm I am inviting you to a Soup and Stamps night. If you have pre-ordered a 2008 Spring Summer Collection Catalog, either spiral bound or not, I will have your copy of the catalog, next quarters class schedule, a free make-n-take project, not to mention warm soup and snacks!

Come by and enjoy looking through the new catalog with your friends, or just swing by to pick your copy up. If you haven't yet, and are interested in pre-paying for a Spring Summer Collection Catalog, the RSVP date is by Thursday, December 27th. $7.00 for non spiral bound, and $10.00 for Spiral bound. Plus pre-paid catalogs get some fun goodies to go along with there copy!

And if you would like a non-spiral bound catalog for $7.00 you can always call or email me and I will have them after the 4th.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me, leave a comment here, or call me at 815.521.9723

Happy Holidays everyone!

Hello my Creative Maniacs,

Just a few notes to you on this Christmas Eve. First off, I hope everyone is enjoying time with there family and loved ones, I know we have had a relaxing weekend, and will be heading out to see family the next two days.

So in Creative Maniac Stampin' Up! news. I am excited to say I have received MY personal copy of the new 2008 Spring Summer Collection Catalog, I am patiently awaiting my cases that I have ordered for you.

I am also very anxious to show off the new Website that will be replacing this one. Stampin' Up! has a phenomenal site that has been in the works for months, here is a sneak peek at my events page...

I love the colors and the layouts, I can't wait to have a nice website with everything you will need to check my upcoming class schedules, promotions and samples! Keep an eye out for more information to come around January 8th! (Until then this is the site to go to!)

A note from Shelli Gardner

Just a nice note from our Co-Founder, CEO Shelli Garnder. You can find it on the front page of

Happy Holidays!

During this particularly festive-and busy-time of year, I'm grateful that you've taken the time to visit Stampin' Up!

We're a company that celebrates people and relationships and creativity. We bundle all those essential parts of a rich life together by offering products that allow you to share your love with others. When you create something handmade, whether it's a card or a gift or an invitation, you're taking the time to show someone you care. And the recipients of these heartfelt expressions are touched; their lives are brightened, and your relationships are strengthened.

We've seen the "magic of a rubber stamp" happen over and over, and we invite you to experience it yourself. As you browse through our catalogs and check out the projects, you'll see the exciting potential that hand-stamped art from the heart offers. That's what we're about, sharing what we love with you and encouraging and supporting you in your own efforts to express your creativity and build and strengthen your own relationships.
May your holidays be full of time spent with those you care about!

Shelli Gardner

Stampin' Up!

Co-founder, CEO

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Retirement Party!!

Above is the link for the Retirement List. You can also check it out on

If you have never been through this before, every time Stampin' Up! comes out with a new Idea Book and Catalog, we retire stamp sets to make room for new! So if any of these stamp sets on the Retired List is a must for you, or as a gift to someone else, you have until January 1st to order, then they are no longer available!!

Here are some Retiring Stamps Details:

The retired list includes stamp sets that will retire as of January 1, 2008.

There is no limit to the number of retired stamps you can purchase.

Retiring Wheels and Accessories Details
The retiring wheels and accessories list is available online beginning December 10. You can order items from this list through January 1, 2008 or until supplies run out.

Dormant List Details:

dormant list posts December 1, 2007 and includes stamp sets from the Fall-Winter Collection 2007 that are not included in the upcoming Spring-Summer Collection 2008. These sets can be found online and are considered current Stampin' Up! product. Items from the Holiday Mini will not appear on the dormant list, but they are not retired.
Stamp sets and wheels from mini catalogs will not be included on the dormant list.

Again don't forget for those of you who have your December coupon, now you can use it! If you have any questions on the above, please contact me!

Check back on December 10th for the retiring accessories list, and those items are only while supplies last!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Retired List in the morning

From the gossip I hear, the Retired list for the current Fall/Winter Collection Catalog will be up tomorrow morning (not at midnight) so I will get up nice and early and post it here.

Don't forget your December coupon for those of you who have them!! If you have any questions on the retirement list, or the retiring accessories (Coming December 10th) feel free to email me or call me!

Happy Retirement Eve!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rub on's and there price

I have a bit more on the rub on preview...

I have seen them (awesome!) the one in the preview catalog (you will be getting in the mail as of December 1st) The Eastern Elegance Rub-Ons offer a variety of coordinating images, letters, and phrases. 2 sheets per pkg, 1 ea. black and white. 5-7/8" x 12".$10.95.

$10.95 sound like a lot to you? Compared to some of our other competitors...

Autumn Leaves: $0.17
Basic Grey: $0.06
Hamby Studios: $0.14
7 Gypsies: $0.11
Stampin' Up: $0.09

That would be per rub on. Looks like were right up there in awesome price right?!? Can't wait to see what you all thing of the new sets!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Rub On's!!

I am very excited to say that as of December 1st, you will be receiving in the mail the Spring Summer preview brochure. Which is a sneak peek of what is to come in the NEW Spring Summer Collection Catalog coming out January 2nd!!

So a little birdy told me that Rub On's will be in the new Spring Summer Collection Catalog!! If you have not used them before in scrapbooking or card making, you are in for a treat! These are easy, easy, transfer made from Stampin' Up!'s high quality. I can not wait to try these out myself!

I will be posting a retired list and dormant list on here as of December 1st, and a discontinued list of accessories as of December 10th. A little about each list...

Retired List - A list of all the stamp sets from the current Fall-Winter Collection Catalog that we will no longer have available after January 1st.

Dormant List - This is a list of stamps sets that will be available still but not published in the new Spring Summer Collection Catalog.

Discontinued Accessories List - This is a list of accessories that we will no longer carry in the Spring Summer Collection Catalog. This will be updated often, these items may run out, so if you see something on this list, do not hesitate, they will go fast!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, or leave me a comment below!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

3M's Scotch and Stampin' Up!

Scotch Joint Marketing Venture with Stampin' Up! October 11, 2007

At our recent convention we announced an exciting marketing venture with 3M's Scotch® stationery products division. Beginning early next year, anywhere around the world where you see a 3M stationery product sold--places like Target®, WalMart®, JoAnnTM, or Michaels® --you'll see Stampin' Up! artwork.

Stampin' Up! projects will be featured on the front of the package with text crediting Stampin' Up! that invites people to visit our web site where they can find more fabulous crafting ideas. Above is a sample of the packaging.
Just wanted to share! Have a stampendous day!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Catalog Preview!

Good Afternoon my Creative Maniacs!

I will have to say I was browsing the internet and came across some new Spring Summer Collection Catalog. Here is the new Bali Breeze paper...

A new stamp set called "It's a Beautiful Thing"

And a new wheel, called "Beautiful"
So I know we are still enjoying the current Fall Winter Collection Catalog, but I am still excited about the new Spring Summer Collection Catalog.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Build-a-Brad is available!!!

Build-A-Brad Available October 5, 2007!

We are thrilled to announce that starting October 5, 2007, Build-A-Brad will be available for you and your customers to order! Find Build-A-Brad on page 189 of the Fall-Winter Collection 2007. For more detailed information about Build-A-Brad, see the Product Guide.

We've Resolved the Quality Issues, we appreciate your patience in waiting for us to resolve issues with this product. We worked with the manufacturer and have finally accepted a replacement product that meets our rigorous quality standards. We are confident that the manufacturer will continue to ensure that the product meets our high expectations.

If you order Antique Brass Build-A-Brad (item 109108), you may notice tiny pieces of grain (rice shells) in the tin. Our manufacturer uses this grain during the unique finishing process. This grain does not pose any safety issues. Be assured that the manufacturer goes to great lengths to remove all visible grain inside the kits. However, now and then, you may see some grain stuck under the prongs of the brad bases. Feel free to remove them.

Spread the word to hostesses and customers alike that these fabulous, versatile brads are now available!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Diva Night

I am very proud to say I have earned a fun filled night in Mokena at Connie's house, for "Diva Night" depending on your sales for the quarter, you could be able to make 2 projects and up to 5 great projects for free! I am so excited that I will be making all 5 projects!!

I will keep you posted! Have a very crafty day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

October through December 2007 classes

Stampin’ Up!’s
Creative Maniac’s Class Schedule
October – December 2007
Hosted by Jacki McHale

Hello my Creative Maniacs,

I know we are well into enjoying the new Fall-Winter Collection Catalog, and now the awesome Holiday Mini with so much fun holiday stuff!

As always when you come to class you will need to bring with you, your favorite adhesive (snail, mono, double sided tape) and scissors to work on projects.

Also the prepay date is 2 weeks in advance. (unless noted otherwise) You can let me know via phone, email or snail mail. If you have any questions on any of the classes, please do not hesitate to contact me! Hope to see you at class!!
Have a Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Just a note, December is a crazy month for me this year, so there will be no classes this month. But stay tuned to my website for the Fall-Winter retirement sale, and don’t forget to tell your loved ones you want a Stampin’ Up! gift certificate through Jacki McHale for the Holidays! (good for merchandise or classes)

Wednesday, October 17th 2007
RSVP date by October 3rd 2007
6:00 p.m.

This will be a fun Halloween class, making some fun decorations, and a few cards using the Creepy Crawly double sided scrapbook paper. Hope you can make this class for some bootiful projects!!

“Christmas Card Buffet”
$20 for the first 15 and $1 each after
Wednesday, November 7th 2007
RSVP date by October 17th 2007
5:00 pm (I am starting this class earlier for your convience)

This class is something new this year. It is like a stamp-a-stack, but with a twist. I will come up with 8 different Christmas cards for you to choose from. You can choose from the 8 samples up to 3 different ones to make.

If you would like to make more than the 15 cards. Each card after is $1 each. I will be working on these cards and will have them up on my site @ for you to choose from. For this project you will be needing to bring your own adhesive (with a refill) and scissors. This RSVP is 3 weeks in advance.

$5 a set
Wednesday, November 14th 2007
RSVP date by Wednesday, October 31st 2007
6:00 pm

Get ready to make a great gift for someone or to just keep it for yourself. Using the Voila’ Stamp Set and accessories set, we will be making 3-D fridge magnets. This is such an easy project, using paper, ink, some glue and Krylon spray. In this class you can make more than one set. Price will be per set. Hope to see you there!

And again if you have any questions on any classes please feel free to email me @!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Creative Maniac's class schedule

I know many of you are interested in next quarters classes (October through December) I will post them soon!

If you have any idea's or classes that you want let me know, below this post you can click on "comment" and leave me a message!

Over a month

Well I have been called out by a few people on not blogging here. I have really been hoping that Stampin' Up! would have our new site up and running by now, but who know when we will get that. I can not wait to have that up and running!!!

Anywho, if you have not heard through the grape vine yet, I have been feeling sick alot these days, I have been tired, and I have been pregnant! Yes we are 7 weeks already. So baby McHale has been taking what it needs from me.
But I will post here. I have some pictures below of one of my customers workshop she had set up. There was 14 ladies in all, my hostess, Linda, made all of these purse favors each one different, too cute! With mints inside! Below is a picture of one of them close up.

When I take pictures of what I have been up to lately I will post them here! Sorry again it has been so long!

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ode to Stampin' Up!

I just wanted to say how proud I am of the company I have been a part of for close to 3 years.

Just lately my business has been really busy, I have a lot of orders, business and customer coming in, and I swear my UPS man has it out for me. Twice now, in the past couple weeks I have had boxes in the shape of an accordion delivered to my door. Stampin' Up! is awesome, I just call and tell them if anything was damaged and the send it out right away.

They are always super friendly, and empathic towards my situation. I am proud of a company that has a Co-founder, Shelli Gardner, that is as down to earth as possible. I met her in Salt Lake City a few years ago, walking to dinner with her husband Sterling. Countless times my upline has told me stories of Shelli and her staff. They are so nice. Makes you want to go to Utah and live in the land of Stampin' Up!

Speaking of my upline. I have to give a shout out to the most amazing uplines. You ladies are amazing! You always inspire me every month at our meetings, it's great getting all of us together for projects and business. Sharing ideas, techniques, I can't forget the swaps that we do every month!! I look so forward to them! I love the challenges that you give us, it has inspired myself and my downline to challenge each other, not only in our businesses but in our own lives too. Thanks!

So I just wanted to share just a small reason why, I love Stampin' Up! so much. I guess now is the time to tell you if you are interested in becoming a part of what I do. Ask me a lot of questions, I can answer them or get the answer for you.
Want to just ask and not be pressured into this?
Want to know how much I make?
Want to know what my requirements are as a demonstrator?
Want to go to a meeting to see what it's like?
Want to meet for coffee just to know what I do?
Want to know how I have the time?

Hopefully I have inspired you to love Stampin' Up! and know that not only are you working with top of the line product you are also buying from a company that I fully stand behind. And just maybe you are interested in become a part of our family.

Have an amazingly creative day.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sophie is in Denver!!

Can you find Sophie? She is at Stampin' Up!'s 2008 Convention in Denver! They have display boards with thousands of cards and scrapbook pages that we send in.
My 6x6 of Sophie made it! Sadley I am not there, but I saw these pictures on another demonstrator website, thanks to Jen for seeing this one! I got all teary eyed! Hooray go me!

Friday, July 27, 2007

The 3 Spaces

I found the below article on scrapbooking spaces. From a website link...
I thought it would be interesting to read on the different kinds of scrapbooking spaces that there are. I think I have had all three...sometimes at once! But now I am at Dedicated Space stage and I love it! Enjoy!

Almost every scrapbooker starts at a temporary workspace, most often the kitchen table. Obviously, this makeshift workspace accommodates non-scrapbooking functions (eating, homework, bills), but when it comes time to scrapbook, you can temporarily pull out your supplies and work for a while before packing everything up again.

While this packing and unpacking can be cumbersome, effective storage solutions can actually make a temporary workspace ideal for many scrapbookers. There is freedom and simplicity that comes with containing your scrapbooking universe in a single rolling case or a plastic box. it easier to spend time with your family while you scrapbook.

Having a shared space means you have a room in your home dedicated to two or more activities—one of which is scrapbooking. This shared setup offers a more permanent solution than the temporary space because there’s no need to haul supplies in and out.

Within a shared space, scrapbooking is just one of the full-time functions of the room. Depending on what else the room is used for, you might have a work surface and open storage solutions always available for your scrapbooking pursuits, or you might need to store your materials in closed containers, keeping everything hidden away when the space is being used by others.

A dedicated space is devoted solely to scrapbooking and other creative pursuits, and it generally has only one occupant: the scrapbooker.

This arrangement offers a variety of benefits—you can integrate permanent storage into the workspace, keep inprogress pages and supplies out between scrapbooking sessions, and, ultimately, you have the freedom to design every aspect of the space so that it best meets our own scrapbooking needs.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Host a Workshop for this one!

Have friends that love to stamp and scrapbook? Invite them over, serve some refreshments and let me do all the work! Host a Workshop, have a great time with your friends and get all the great benefits Stampin' Up! has to offer our Hostesses!!
Check out the Hostess benefits chart in the Fall-Winter Collection Catalog on pages 16-24 to see what you could earn, based on your Workshop totals! (before shipping and tax)
This card is using the Hostess Level 2 set "Perfect Presentaion" which has 11 holiday stamps, many of them are punch friendly!
I also used the Purely Pomegranate Plika Dot Jacquard Ribbon, I received it in the very awesome Level 3 Hostess set "Happy Me Simply Scrappin' Bundle" LOVE IT! But this ribbon is also available in the Sherbert Ribbon Origionals found on page 191.
The rest of the goodies are:
Whisper White Card stock
Wild Wasabi card stock and Classic Ink
Purely Pomegranate Classic Ink and Card stock
1/8 circle punch (on my new Crop-o-dile, ask me about my special!)
White Taffeta ribbon
Tag punch
Small Tag punch
3/4 square punch
Let me know when you would like to book your workshop!!

I'm Alive!

Sorry I have been absent for a while, I had 3 viruses attack my computer, one ate my Kodak software. So I had all these awesome pictures and they were trapped. Anywho, here they are. Some fun with new stamps!!
I love this set! I got it for free beacause I did well last quarter and Stampin' Up! rewards us well!!
It is called "Priceless" (it is on page 117, for $25.95) I love the swirls, and the cute fonts with the words! With this card I used:
So Saffron card stock
So Saffron Prints Designer Series paper
Mellow Moss Cardstock and Classic Ink
Always Artichoke Classic Ink
Whisper White Cardstock
Dazzling Diamonds
Slit Punch for the scalloped edge (take off the guard)
To bad this picture dosen't do this card justice!!
So on the card below I again used the "Priceless" stamp set and the coordinating Brass template (page 187 for $15.95) to use with a light box (see sample below!) for the raised swirls in the background.
Supplies for this card below are:
Sky Blue (In Color) card stock and Classic Ink
Blue Bayou (In Color) card stock
Very Vanilla card stock
Twill Tape (1 1/2")
Pop up glue dots and Mini glue dots
Half back cream pearls (from the Pretties Kit!)
Happy Halloween!
I love Halloween and could not wait to use my new "Batty for You" set (page 27 $22.95) check it out in the catalog Stampin' Up!® - Online Catalog - shopmain there are really cute sayings that circle each of the images, I just used a marker to color what I wanted.
Here is the recipe for this card:
Old Olive card stock, Stampin' Write Marker, and Brad (Earth Elements)
Orchid Opulence Card stock and Stampin' Write Marker
Bashful Blue Stampin' Write Marker and Brad (Soft Subtles)
Basic Black Classic Ink
Pumpkin Pie Stampin Write Marker, Brad (Earth Elements)
Black Gingham Ribbon
White Taffeta Ribbon (love it!)
Creepy Crawly Designer Series Paper (page 172)
Sanding Block to distress the paper
Crystal Effects to adhere the Designer Series paper to the On Board Chip Board
On Board Chip Board Accents (pg 181)
Happy 29th Birthday Sara! I was so excited to send my girlfriend in L.A. this card for her Birthday. I cased it right out of the Fall-Winter Collection Catalog, I love the chef!
I cut his hat and coat out, using dimensionals gave this card the extra pop it needed!
Ingredients are:
Blue Bayou (In Color) card stock and Classic Ink Pad
Not Quite Navy Ink pad and card stock
River Rock card stock
Purely Pomegranate Card stock and Classic Ink
Blender Pens for coloring with In Colors
Pumpkin Pie (cake & candle), Creamy Carmel (tray), Bordering Blue (jacket outline) Blush Blossom (skin tone) Water Color Wonder Crayons
Aqua Painters
Brass Brads (Vintage)
Ticket corner punch
Canvas background stamp for pants in Creamy Carmel Classic Ink
Hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them. Leave a comment below on whatcha think! Thanks!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Left, right, left, right...

Yeah!! So here is my story...

Sitting in front of my parents fireplace with my sister next to me. I was opening birthday presents (Thurdsay is the big day, 29! Yikes!) Ed and my mom are across the room on the couch, and my dad was in the recliner.

Mia has been crusing around furniture for weeks now, she decided to let go of my mom, and left...right...left...right...7 steps, my fellow bloggers! 7 steps!

I was so excited, everyone had tears in there eyes, I am so glad that Ed was there to see it. Hooray Mia!! So Big!! And I said right before my birthday she would walk. Damn I am good!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Holiday Mini Collection 2007 is Here!

Hold on to your hats ladies, here is the Holiday Mini Collection!

So much new fun stuff! From the wrapping papper, and ribbons, to the holiday chipboard. Not to mention the awesome stamp sets. That are ALL DIE CUT for you!! No cutting, just mount them to your block and stamp away!

Ordering for this begins September 1st!

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Late night creation

I wanted to make a CD cover as a gift. I burned the pictures to a CD that I took from our trip to the Taste of Chicago. I LOVE how it turned out, it is rare that I take the time to create something so elaborate. (yes this is elaborate for me)

I was inspired by my On Board Lots of Letters scallop piece. And I was inspired by the western feel because of Loren and his Country band (

Here is the inside, the CD just slides in above the rust band.
And here are the ingredients for this CD case...
Mellow Moss, Really Rust and Sky Blue card stock
Blue Bayou, Mellow Moss and Really Rust Classic Ink
Brass Hardware, Fire Ice Brad, Lots of Letters On Board
White Taffeta ribbon (dyed Blue Bayou with the ink pad)
Really Rust pastel on the letters
In the Spotlight Hostess level 2 stamp set
and Classic Alphabet (retired 07)
Please leave me a comment (below) and let me know what you think!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Me, Myself and I

This is the first class of the summer, Wednesday, August 1st, at 6:00 p.m., $20.00 at Jacki's house. This is a great project and I am so excited!!

This class we will be using the On Board 5 x 5 Art Journal (page 181) and your choice of double sided designer series paper (pg 170-173) let me know your choice of paper when you prepay. Anything left over after the class, you get to take home!

You are going to make a personalized book about yourself. Bring to this class, pictures, mementos and notes about yourself, things you do, things that make you happy, maybe your family and friends. Everything that makes you. you.

I will be showing you how to make this cute 5x5 Art Journal into a cute mini scrapbook!
Email me @ if you are interested. I must have all payments and RSVP's by Wednesday July 18th!

On Board Bitty Book

I got the On Board Bitty Book with my new Fall-Winter Collection Catalog order. It comes flat, and you put it together yourself. They offer instructions. Throw them away, it will make it much easier for you.

I used Crystal Effects as glue, as much as I love it for shine on projects, that stuff is like super glue! So my tip is put your sleeve together and then adhere your paper to the outside of the sleeve. (Measure twice cut once!)
Again using the Crystal Effects and a sponge, I covered the whole outside if the sleeve with Crystal Effects, the added my Designer Series Paper (double sided!) Cutie Pie is what I used here.
I also used the Lots of Letters On Board set (LOVE IT) for my daughter's name, not to sure if you can see but I used the Three for You punch to add behind the dot of the "i"

Again, love the Cutie Pie paper! this is the mini album itself. Hint, have it folded like this. Then add your paper. Otherwise when you go to bend this your paper will tear. (ask me how I know) So fold first then adhere paper.

And inside you get 10 page protectors, I still have to fill them! I can not wait, must take more pictures of Mia!!

So here is the info on the
On Board Bitty Book
page 181
Also you can order more page protectors for this...
$4.25 for 10

My Open House

First off, HUGE thanks to everyone that came to my Open House on Wednesday (the 11th) it was a huge success and a lot of fun! Check out some of the pictures below!

Here is the super cute free Make-n-Take project everyone was able to make (cased off of SCS)

Here was the "Try Me" area. Some of the newest and trendiest punches were here play with! Including Scallop Punch, Spiral Punch, Round Tab Punch and the Picture Corner Punch (pgs 182-183 in the Fall-Winter Collection)

Here on the island eveyone was able to stand around and watch demonstrations of some of my favorite tools. Coluzzle kit, Water Color Wonder Crayons, Water Color Pencils, Pastels, Aqua Painters, Blender Pens, Gel Pen, Mat Pack, Snail, Stampin' Scrub, Cutter Kit, Pencil Sharpener and all of my new favorite On Board Chip Boards!!

(On Board on pages 180-181)
I loved the On Board Accents with all the shapes and tags, I can't wait to play with the On Board Blossoms & Basics and I am excited about the On Board Lots of Letters!

So across the kitchen was all kind of accessories that Stampin' Up! sells. Pictured here is the Forget-me-not keeper, Metalic Pencils, 5x5 On Board Art Journal, and a decorated On Board Bitty Book!

On my stove top I laid out two of the new Double sided Designer Series paper 12x12. Here is Cutie Pie and Creepy Crawly.

The notebook is the class notebook that everyone of my Creative Maniacs carry. They are personalized by me (for $5.00) then my customers love to take them home and personalize them even more! They bring them to class to take notes, write out great techniques and to keep techniques!
Check out the Stampin' Stack & Store ($34.95 pg 193), this is an awesome caddy for all of your Brads, Buttons and Eyelets. You have got to love those Rhinestone brads!!

The Hodgepodge Hardware tin is out for show, (pg 188) $27.95 is such a deal for 200 plus pieces!! You can not get this price anywhere else for this manu pieces!

Here I had out SNAIL adhesive, so handy and fast to use. Clear envelopes for my cards, I love to show off my hard work! The Accents and Elements Tin, this one is Build-a-Flower (see the class schedule for the class on this one)
And the Three For You Punch box (pg 183) this awsome tin, 9 piece die cut stamp set, 3 stampin' spots (Basic Black, Purely Pomegranate, and Wild Wasabi, and a 3 flower punch!)
The promotion through me is, buy this Punch Box on or before August 15th, and receive 20% off!! That is $9.19 savings! PLUS Stampin' Up! is offering an assorted pack of love notes scored cards (3x3) with envelopes! Bonus!
To get the punch box before class, so you can have your own to use Prepay and RSVP is by August 1st (class is $10) we will be making some fun cards and a 3D project using everything the punch box has to offer!

So again thank you to all my awesome customers that attended. I can't wait to see you all at class!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Drum roll please.........

Here it is! The long awaited clean desk pictures! There are alot of pictures (I have alot of stuff) and in this picture below you can see my contraband desk on the other side...But this is a pretty view, from me standing on my chair

From left to right- My new Stack & Store Caddy! my many punches, there is Whisper White and Basic Black inks, then my WW crayons, adhesive remover, embossing buddy, borrow book, then Versamark and my empty wheel cartridge (versamark) Stazon Jet Black, with my sanding block, and matches (for my candle!) and calculator. Next collumn is mat pack, Pop up glue dots and mini glue dots, then my color spritzer tool and brayer, and coluzzle templates. Phew. Everything right were I can see it!

Yeah for my new Stack & Store Caddy! LOVE IT!

These IKEA wooden containers ($2.99) hold my blender pens, aqua painters, gel pen, versamarker, then my walkman speakers, then my exacto knife, nail file, tweezers, protractor, 6" mini rulers. Then my scissors. 4 pairs. My Craft & Rubber, Snips, Ribbon scissors, and big paper scissors. Oh and my Stampin' Scrub too!

Yeah Ink! Every one of the 48 colors, 6 In Colors, on top are my markers, ink refills and my crimper. Look closely between the ink pads, you will see my Stampin' Up! pencil sharpener and eraser.
Yeah for files and boxes that are labeled! Above (not pictured) are my Grid sheets! Love them!

Here are my scraps. Each color gets it's own 8 1/2 x 11 page protector, each color family gets it's own box. And labeled what color family. I have had this like this for about year now and love it! Check out the label on the far left. "Put me away" I am quite the lazy bum, so instead of having a pile of paper that needs to be filed I have a file of paper to be filed.

Ahh, yes. My paper. Again every color family get's there own file stand, In Colors to the left, and neutral to the right. The last one is glossy, vellum, vellum C.S. window sheets (I know, I know)

Here are 3 of our keepers and one soft box FULL of premade cards and fronts. BUT they are all catorgorized!

My very nice 12 x 12 containers! Thanks Kelley B!

OK there is alot in this cabinet, top shelf, some misc. stuff that we don't sell, like, goo gone, staples, alchol wipes...see the blue box. Very, very important. It is labeled "Buttons, eyelets and Brads" don't tell my husband Ed but that is where all my chocolate is! Hee Hee!
Next shelf is my daubers (in a seperated Stampin' Up! box, each color gets a dauber) my Dazzling Diamonds gets a big box to be messy in. Then my Hardware tins.

Yes to the right of this cabinet is my color chart (New In Color combos 07-08) color wheel, and inspiration box of color. Yet I am so inspired by the lovely picture of my downline, Jen. She was getting her hair done for my wedding!

Under cabinet is my sad 4 background stamps and my 5 rolls of ribbon.
My 5 x5 art board journal, accents and elements (build-a-flower NEW!) um...a personalized stamp and some pictures of my doggies! (boxers maggie & sophie)

All 32 of them. I have mine organized by container size. Sad that I lost 36 sets huh?!

So under my stamps live these 4 containers, left to right - sticky strip & random Stampin' Up! glue, then my snail, then my dimensionals, then my snail refills
The box is mislabeled. these are old catalogs, the pink box contains my rough edges alphabet, and then my whole 2 wheels and 1 jumbo (new)

So there you have it. I love my set up. I basicly sit in a cirlce of my Stampin' Up! supplies. Mmmm my happy place. Hope you enjoyed the 3 hour tour! Let me know if you have questions!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Art Room before...

Yes this is my disaster, I call my art room. This is looking at it from across my desk
and this is looking at it if you are standing on my chair. I have successfully cleaned up my room, and it looks AWESOME! I have my new Fall-Winter Collection order arriving tomorrow so I have to have a clean room for new toys!
I can not wait to put everything in it's new place. I will take detailed pictures of it clean and organized. And hopefully some new samples!
Until then Happy New stamping catalog to all! Hope to see you at my Open House on Wednesday!!