Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays everyone!

Hello my Creative Maniacs,

Just a few notes to you on this Christmas Eve. First off, I hope everyone is enjoying time with there family and loved ones, I know we have had a relaxing weekend, and will be heading out to see family the next two days.

So in Creative Maniac Stampin' Up! news. I am excited to say I have received MY personal copy of the new 2008 Spring Summer Collection Catalog, I am patiently awaiting my cases that I have ordered for you.

I am also very anxious to show off the new Website that will be replacing this one. Stampin' Up! has a phenomenal site that has been in the works for months, here is a sneak peek at my events page...

I love the colors and the layouts, I can't wait to have a nice website with everything you will need to check my upcoming class schedules, promotions and samples! Keep an eye out for more information to come around January 8th! (Until then this is the site to go to!)

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